About Us

The Reno Agency is a locally owned “independent agency” that dates back to 1919.  Mr. Louis P. Reno owned the Reno Agency in Wayland until, the 1950’s, when his son, Philip, purchased the agency. Philip’s son, Dennis, bought the agency in 1971 and he and his wife Mary ran the agency until Denny’s tragic passing in 1996. In 1999, Mary Reno then sold the agency to private investors who brought in Mike Salisbury, as the agency manager. In 2004, Mike and his partner, Don Beemer, joined forces and purchased the agency. Reno Agency also bought the Paul C Johnson Agency in 2004. In 2006 Mike Salisbury became the sole stockholder when Don Beemer sold his shares back to the agency. The agency maintains their office in Wayland.