Gov. Rick Snyder Talks Auto Insurance Overhaul for Michigan

Gov Rick Snyder Pic
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In Governor Rick Snyder’s State of the State address, he mentioned that “Michigan is the 10th most expensive state for auto insurance.” This isn’t new information to anyone who has auto insurance in Michigan because we’ve continually seen our auto insurance premiums increasing every year.

The fact is, “this ‘one size fits all’ system is expensive, has few cost controls and does not provide any incentives for thrift,” says Jeffrey Junkas, the regional manager of the Property Casualty Insurance Association of America. “As a result Michigan drivers pay 20-30 percent more than in neighboring states.”

I am certainly not the first insurance agent who has heard customers complain about their increasing premiums, but good news! Hope may be on its way. Read the Property & Casualty 360 article titled, “Michigan Governor Talks Auto-Insurance Reform in Address,” highlighting the auto insurance reform Gov. Rick Snyder proposes.