Drive With Caution, It’s Deer Season

Opening day of firearm season in Michigan is quickly approaching, beginning November 15th. Hunters are making final preparations by purchasing and gathering their gear, and selecting the best location in the woods to set them up for success.

Photo courtesy of Michigan Department of Natural Resourses website

For many, this date signals the beginning of a season where heightened alertness while driving is necessary. Tens of thousands of drivers each year fall victim to deer-car accidents, and as we’ve recently seen this week along US-131, some are fatal. Unfortunately, this woman was not killed as a result of hitting the deer, but from another driver failing to react in time as she tried to avoid the deer.

So what does this cautionary tale mean for you?

  • Be alert! Don’t drive intoxicated or under the influence. If you are feeling sleepy, call someone to drive you to where you need to go. Minimize all distractions including the radio, cell phones, and too many passengers. You not only need to watch out for deer, but also for other drivers around you. If your reaction time is jeopardized, it could cost you your life or another.
  • Deer are most active at dawn and dusk. Keep a watchful eye for what is happening around you especially during these times.
  • Deer are almost always found in herds. If you see one deer, chances are more are following.
  • If a crash is unavoidable, don’t swerve! Brake firmly and hold on to the steering wheel to bring your vehicle to a controlled stop. Pull off to the side of the road and turn your emergency flashers on to alert other drivers. Report the accident to the police and also to your insurance agent.

Question: Is there a specific coverage I should have in my auto insurance policy to protect me in a deer-car accident?

Answer: YES! It is called Comprehensive Coverage, (also known as “Other Than Collision Coverage”).

Comprehensive coverage protects you from having to pay the full repair bill in the event that your vehicle hits an animal while driving, an object falls onto your vehicle, your vehicle is stolen or vandalized, and in most cases, auto glass damage. Similar to Collision coverage, you select a deductible. This is the amount of the claim that is your responsibility to pay for, such as $100. The insurance company would then pay everything above and beyond this once coverage is determined. Call us today at 269.792.2232 to make sure this valuable coverage is on your policy, or if you have additional questions.

Now, one question I have for you: If you are in a fatal car-deer accident (or any car accident for that matter), how would that situation look for your family?

Answer: __________?_____________

Life Insurance can help when your loved ones pass away, and while you are living. Call or email me today at 269.792.2232 or so we can talk about your family’s life insurance needs so you can make sure you are able to fill in the blank.