Make Sure You Are Covered In 2013

Since we’ve begun a new year, it’s time to reflect on the year prior to make sure your insurance policies are updated to reflect any life changes you may have gone through. Here are some tips from once of our carriers, Grange Insurance: Grange Insurance Hi Res Version

1. Save Money.

In the new year, your insurance company may release new offerings, such as coverages or services of which you can take advantage and from which you can benefit. Your insurance provider may also offer new discounts, or you may now be eligible for discounts that you were not eligible for in 2012.
“Talk with your local independent agent to see what new options may be a good fit for you and where life will take you in 2013,” said John Ammendola, president, Grange Personal Lines. “Oftentimes, policyholders find that by making changes or bundling two policies under the same provider, such as homeowners and auto, they can save money. Reviewing these options is a great way to make sure you’re getting the most out of your insurance policy, whether it covers your home, car or even your life.”

2. Review the Past Year’s Events.

Perhaps you tied the knot in 2012 or purchased a new home. Whatever your major life change, you should ensure that your policy coverage is updated to properly protect your family and your assets.
When reviewing your policy, Ammendola suggests considering these important factors:


  • Did you make improvements or renovations to your home? If yes, you may need to increase your dwelling limit to ensure you have adequate coverage in an event of a fire or other damage to your home.
  • Did you purchase something of a significant value? If yes, consider increasing your contents coverage to ensure it is properly covered in the case of theft or damage.
  • Do you have a newly licensed driver? If yes, it may be a good idea to consider an umbrella policy – a policy designed to provide additional liability protection on both your homeowner and auto policies.
  • Did you get married or divorced? If yes, then you may need to add/remove your spouses name to your policies, purchase life insurance or change beneficiaries on your current policy.

3. Insure your Holiday Gifts.

If the holidays bring sparkly gifts, then review your homeowners or renters insurance policy to make sure you have adequate coverage for your new valuables.
“Oftentimes, under standard homeowners or renters insurance, gifts such as jewelry, watches, coins, hand tools and guns have coverage limitations,” said Ammendola. “It is important to check your policy for these value limitations and, if needed, purchase broader coverage to ensure your gifts are properly covered in the case of theft, fire or damage.”

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