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The Reno Agency Will Close at 3pm Friday, May 22nd

Our office will be closing early this Friday, May 22nd. Customers are encouraged to plan ahead if you need to make any changes or have payments due. Our office will also be closed for Memorial Day, on Monday, May 25.

We will open again at 9am Tuesday, May 26th.

Memorial Day Events Around the Area


Wayland Memorial Day Services

Military honors at these cemeteries, at these times:
8:15 am – Hooker
8:30 am – Hill
8:55 am – Native American
9:25 am – Germond
9:40 am – St. Cyril Methodius
10:25am – Elmwood

Wayland Memorial Day Parade begins at 11:00 am

Following the parade we will have a Ceremony at our Post Memorial/Flag Pole at Noon.

After these events, we will have a pulled pork sandwich meal, with refreshments available.

There will be a bounce house and cotton candy to entertain the kids as well.

With all of this, we will also have live music!! Come on down and celebrate with us, and have a great time with the family and friends!!!!!!


Dorr Memorial Day Cemetary Schedule

8:00 am Flag raising at the post
8:30 am St. Stanislaus
9:15 am Richter
10:00 am Dorr
10:45 am Jones
11:30 am Sproat

Dorr Memorial Day Festivities

Location: American Legion Post
4310 – 18th Street
Dorr, MI 49323

Post opens at Noon

Festivities start at 1:00 pm

Festivities include:

BBQ Pork Sandwiches
Chicken BBQ
Kids Cake walk
Bingo 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm
Cash Raffle 4:30 pm to 5 pm


Caledonia Memorial Day Services and Parade

Alaska: 9am

Blain: 9:45am

Dutton: 10:30am

Holy Corners: 11:15am

Caledonia: 12:00pm (Parade)


Grand Rapids Memorial Day Parade @ 10:00 am11:00 am

The United Veterans Council of Kent County is hosting the Memorial Day Parade & Ceremony at Veteran’s Park.

Here is the NEW parade route: (staging on Lyon, between Monroe & Division): starts at Monroe & Lyon, heads south on Monroe, southeast to Monroe Center, south on Division, and east on Fulton before ending at Veteran’s Park.


Best Practices For Managing Workers’ Comp Claims Audio Conference

Attend an audio conference on Best Practices for Managing Workers’ Comp Claims

Are you an employer or someone who manages Workers’ Compensation claims for your company?  If not, but you know someone who fits this criteria, please share this post with them as the following information will be beneficial to them. is offering a 90-minute audio conference where their expert, Randy DeVaul, reviews successful strategies for tracking, monitoring, and managing your company’s workers’ comp claims.
The Reno Agency thinks this is a valuable training experience for our commercial clients and to those who work in handling workers’ comp claims, so we want to share the information with you.



Date: Thursday, January 22, 2015
Time: 1:00 – 2:30pm EST
Format: Audio Conference
When an employee is injured at work, workers’ compensation benefits are available to cover lost wages and medical costs related to the injury. Whether those benefits spiral out of control or are properly managed depends on you – the workers’ compensation administrator.
Therefore, this audio conference will review details on what needs managing, what relationships you need to develop, and what you need to do when a “high-risk” injury occurs.
You and/or your co-workers will also learn:
  • When injuries are and are not compensable under workers’ compensation
  • Why you never deny a claim and what you need to do if the claim is not compensable
  • Why you need a relationship with your workers’ comp carrier
  • The types of injuries that are “high-risk” – and why you need to be focused on them
  • What policies I need to have in place to support the program


About Your Presenter:

Randy DeVaul, Sc.D., M.A., is a 30+ year safety professional with more than 20 years working directly in and with workers’ compensation programs. DeVaul has successfully helped employers reduce workers’ compensation costs with his practical, real-world experience.


More Details/ Order:

Go to


Call ABTrainingCenter at 770-410-9375



Recreational Vehicles: Snowmobiles, Golf Carts, and ATVs


True or False?

Your recreational vehicle is covered under your homeowners policy.


False. If you drive your recreational vehicle on your own property, your homeowners policy will extend liability coverage to you, but once you leave your property, you are not covered.


If this statement comes as a shock to you, speak with your agent today and make sure you are not riding around uninsured. Your agent will need the following information in order to add coverage:

  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • CCs
  • Use of the unit
  • All driver information


The types of sports vehicles included under the recreational vehicle designation are those not subject to motor vehicle registration (with the exception of snowmobiles) and are designed for travel off of public roads. Examples include snowmobiles, golf carts and ATVs. Three-wheelers are ineligible, and snowmobiles over 600 CCs are generally unacceptable and will not be covered through most companies.


If you use your recreational vehicle to transport people  or property for compensation, rent a unit to others, or use a unit for business purposes, different insurance coverage needs to be applied. Your insurance agent can assist you with this.


If you are the owner of a Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV), also referred to as side-by-sides, check with your insurance agent to see whether your insurance company offers coverage for these vehicles. Some, such as Pioneer Mutual Insurance Company, do not write coverage for UTVs due to the major safety concerns that come with these off-road vehicles. Pioneer also does not write coverage for dune buggies, which many of the newer UTVs are made for dune riding.


Your insurance agent is your best resource for understanding coverage for recreational vehicles. Therefore, if you have any questions, give the Reno Agency a call today at 269.792.2232.



Special Office Hours Announcement


The Reno Agency will have special office hours these last two weeks. Please note the following:

Wednesday, December 24th: 9am – 3pm

Thursday, December 25th: Closed

Friday, December 26th: Closed

Thursday, January 1st: Closed

Friday, January 2nd: Closed



In the meantime, if you need assistance while we are on holiday break, you can:


We need your feedback to help make our customer service better!