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New Home Inventory Documenting Service to Reno Agency Homeowners Insurance Customers

Based on the photos of what we’ve seen on the news of the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, the late season hurricane that affected numerous residents along the east coast, it has been made very clear how devastating a major homeowners claim can be. As a result, The Reno Agency is stepping up by offering a free service to all of our new and existing Homeowners Insurance customers. This service includes visiting your home to video tape the inside of your entire house, which we will then save that video on our cloud-based servers.

“Cloud-based” technology is a term that refers to applications, services or resources that are made available to users on demand via the Internet from a cloud computing provider’s servers. (Source:

By The Reno Agency utilizing this technology, it will ensure that when you are in shock about how your home looks after a disaster, we will have a video to send to your claims representative of what your home looked like prior to any damage.

To our existing clients, please call us at 269.792.2232 to schedule your appointment.

To those of you who are not currently with The Reno Agency for your insurance, but would like a proposal comparing your company to our companies, please call us at 269.792.2232 (toll free at 877.774.7366), or email a copy of your current declarations page to

Pioneer State Mutual changes rates on February 1st

Pioneer State Mutual will be making the following changes to the rating structure for homeowner policies:

  • Insurance Scores will be recalculated every renewal.  If a higher score is discovered, then the resulting tier will be used even in the improvement is from multiple tiers.  If a lower insurance score is discovered, policyholders will only drop one tier at a time to minimize disruption of rates.  Insurance Scores have not changed in four years but in order to accurate using using insurance scoring as a risk indicator the company is following the success of a similar structure in personal auto. 
  • Rating territories are being increased from 6 to 40.  This change will allow for more precise pricing based on loss experience in one area but not another.  This will benefit customers. 
  • A new multiple policy discount is being added.  A homeowner policy will receive a 2% discount when an Umbrella policy is written.
  • Overall rate impact to the entire homeowner line of business is 1.1%.