Condo Insurance

Relationships not roofs

Relationships not roofs

Is it time to stop worrying about cutting grass or shoveling snow?

Who wants to clean the gutters or rake the leaves? 

Spending time with family & friends is important now.

Is a condo community calling your name?  

Condo Insurance?

Condo Insurance?

Your condo policy with the Reno Agency is a comprehensive package including:

  • Your share of the "condo" that the association doesn't cover, often called "inside the walls" coverage
  • Replacement coverage for your personal property
  • Liability protection to protect you from a financial loss if someone is injured on your premises
  • Living Expenses are also covered if you have to live elsewhere following a covered loss like a fire

Plus your agent will offer to customize your policy with options like:

  • Identity Theft or Cyber Protection
  • Water or Sewer Backup
  • Boat coverage can often be included on your condo policy
  • Special coverage for your valuables, like jewelry...yep!  You're covered!
Don't forget our discounts!

Don't forget our discounts!

How can you maximize your savings?

  • Insure your condo WITH your auto insurance company if possible.
  • Pay your annual premium in full.
  • Yes we offer claims free discounts.
  • Ask about group discounts for seniors or credit union members.
  • Plan ahead!  Getting a quote in advance saves you money!