Disability Income

Insure your income

Insure your income

Your biggest asset?  It's not your house...

If you're like many people, you have insured your cars, your home, maybe even your life.  But if you're like many people you've never investigated protecting against what could be your greatest loss...the loss of your paycheck.  

Disability income protection is insurance that can guarantee an income stream to you and your household if you are injured or sick and can't do your job.  

Who is depending on your income?

Let us show you a personalized plan

Let us show you a personalized plan

The premiums are based on the following:

  • Your occupation - how do you earn a living now?
  • How quickly would you need to begin receiving the income payments from your insurance company?
  • How long would you need those payments to last?
  • How much income would you need each month, to pay your bills?  This is also dependent on your income at the time you apply for coverage. 

Customize your coverage before you need it with options like:

  • Guaranteed Insurability Rider - as your income increases over time, you can increase your coverage regardless of your health 
  • 3% Cost of Living Increase Rider - while claiming benefits, your monthly payment can increase 3% per year to keep up with inflation
  • Residual Disability Rider - fill the income gap if you can only return to work for a "portion" of your normal day
  • "Own Occupation" Rider - sometimes you'll be able to earn an income again but not doing what you use to, this rider continues your benefits

How long could your household manage without your income?

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is disability income insurance right for me?
A: If you do not have the funds to pay bills for more than 90 days if injured or sick and are unable to work, disability income insurance may be helpful in providing for those needs.

Q: When is the right time to purchase disability income insurance?
A: If you are in good health and have an income to protect, there is no better time than now! Rates are typically better the younger you are.

Q: I have group disability income insurance through my employer. Is having my own individual disability income insurance policy still a good idea?
A: Coverage through your employer may not be enough and could have limitations on when and how benefits are paid.  Furthermore, if you leave your job, some employers will not allow you to take your coverage with you

Who should consider an income protection plan?

  • Business Owners - Your business relies on you.  If you don't work can the business meet its obligations?  You can buy a rider to provide reimbursement for the fixed expenses of running your business if you are disabled and can't work.  
  • Small business owners who are excluded from Workers Compensation - Your own disability plan can protect you on and off the job.  
  • Single parents - if your income is solely responsible to keep the household running, what plan is in place if that incomes stops due to a serious illness?
  • Contractors - often professionals who work in skilled trades don't have access to disability plans offered by their employer and many disability carriers only want to cover white collar professionals.  If you don't work in an office, we can help.
  • Self-Employed - If you're self-employed you are keenly aware of the risk to losing your income due to a significant accident like falling out of your tree stand or injuring your back in a freak accident.  Transfer that risk to an insurance company.
  • Families with only one main source of income - Yes budgets are already tight.  We understand.  Would your monthly expenses continue even if your income stopped?  Do you have a plan in the event of a catastrophic sickness or disease?  Can your savings support your lifestyle for more than three months?