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I don't have that much stuff. Why would I want to pay for renters insurance?
If I switch my coverage to Reno before my current policy expires do I get a refund from my current company?
Do I need to fill out the PIP Medical form to renew my car insurance?

If you're just starting out, you're probably like the rest of us. You have some hand-me-down furniture and other housewares. Consider a couple of things. If you couldn't afford to buy all new stuff to furnish your apt. will you be able to after a fire? Renter's insurance can replace your "old" stuff with "new" stuff! Better yet, you are covered for liability protection (think lawsuits) if someone is injured and you're held responsible. Let's say you jump on a friends waverunner or you rent a boat on vacation. During the time you're driving someone else's watercraft, your renters insurance is protecting you if a terrible accident occurred and you injured or killed someone in the water. Plus liability insurance provides you with an attorney to defend you in court, at no charge! Renter's insurance is a great deal.