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Instant life insurance

No medical exams or blood tests. Starting from $7/month.

Fast, straightforward application
Our 100% online and hassle-free process makes it easy to apply. What traditionally took weeks can now be done in minutes, so you can focus on what matters. Most applicants don't even need a medical exam.

Flexible, affordable options
We analyze your information against our wide range of products in real-time, matching you to a policy that fits your needs with a price that works for you.

Automated & simplified underwriting
Our simplified underwriting process uses new technology and predictive modeling to provide instant decisions, with no medical exams for most people. When that isn’t possible, we’ve reduced the time you wait from months to days.

Coverage you can trust
Our policies are insured by established life insurance companies like Legal & General America, Ameritas Life Insurance Corp., and TruStage®. By combining our streamlined application process with their coverage, we've been able to shrink the application process down to just minutes, compared to the weeks traditional applications require. You get the dependability of major insurers and the convenience of a modern technology company.

We’re here to help millions protect their families with access to simple, affordable life insurance.

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Customer Reviews

We have always been treated with the utmost care and respect.

Sara S

Consistently on the ball with friendly help and informative feedback.


I am grateful that we found them and they are a great company to go through!!

a g

...I will be recommending them to everyone.

Justin S

I highly recommend this agency.

Charleen D