Term Life Insurance

Your most AFFORDABLE option for protecting your committments. 

Your most AFFORDABLE option for protecting your committments. 

Common purposes for this type of life insurance include:

  • Family living expenses following the death of the main provider of household income
  • Protecting the mortgage after the purchase of a home
  • Financial support after the birth of a child
  • Funding for a buy-sell agreement with a business partner
  • Assurance that the principal balance of a business loan will be paid off 
  • Cash to pay off personal loans for things like cars & boats

In the same way "renting" an apartment is much more affordable than "owning" a house, the apartment still provides a safe residence while someone has a short term need or one’s budget is especially important. 

 "Term" life insurance is like "renting" protection from an insurance company against an unforeseen loss of life for someone who made a financial commitment to someone else.  For example, a spouse/parent makes a commitment to their spouse or child to provide for that other person.  Term life insurance is protection in case the provider dies unexpectedly but still wants to keep their commitment to provide for their spouse or children.