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If someone agrees to a sexual relationship, how is that sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment is an unwelcome act. However, we often agree to things we do not welcome. For example, you may consent to have a cavity filled, but that does not mean you welcome the dental work required to fill the cavity.

With sexual harassment, a participant may consent to a sexual relationship with another workplace participant, but not welcome it because they believe they must consent to keep their job, get a raise, be considered for a promotion, avoid having something disclosed, or for countless other reasons. 

That is why sexual relationships between managers and subordinates are problematic. These relationships are unequal and, therefore, whether a relationship is welcomed is always questionable and so is consent. 

The takeaway is that if you are a manager or supervisor, you can never really know for sure that a subordinate welcomed a sexual relationship with you, unless the relationship is formalized (e.g., marriage) and even then, circumstances can change.

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