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Cowbell Cyber

Signaling a New Era with Adaptive Cyber Insurance

Cowbell Cyber harnesses technology and data to provide small and medium-sized enterprises with advanced warning of cyber risk exposures and customized coverage adaptable to today’s and tomorrow’s threats.

Cowbell overcomes the challenges of traditional cyber insurance: the tendency for the nature of cyber to become complex, the imperfect ability to correlate loss and incidents and the inability to observe cyber self-protection efforts.

The Cowbell Advantage: Our closed-loop approach to risk management increases your organization’s insurability, offers complete insight into risk exposure, and empowers you to take control of loss mitigation.

How It Works
Cowbell applies artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to normalize collected signals, model risks, and compile Cowbell Factors using 1000+ data points and risk signals from a variety of sources.

What Are Cowbell Factors?
Every Cowbell Factor is a rating index that contributes to the evaluation of your organization’s cyber risk and, therefore, appropriate insurance coverage. The Cowbell Cyber platform guides you to select an insurance policy to match your insurable security threats. Unlike traditional methods, Cowbell Factors apply continuous observation to map exposure and impact.

Cowbell Cyber delivers standalone and individualized cyber insurance to small and medium-sized enterprises. Cowbell’s cyber policies include robust coverage bundled with continuous risk assessment and resources to mitigate identified threats and exposures.

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Customer Reviews

We have always been treated with the utmost care and respect.

Sara S

Consistently on the ball with friendly help and informative feedback.


I am grateful that we found them and they are a great company to go through!!

a g

...I will be recommending them to everyone.

Justin S

I highly recommend this agency.

Charleen D