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Lokesh Rajagiri

Back-Office Agency Processing

With over 15 years of experience in the insurance industry, Lokesh has consistently demonstrated his expertise. Here’s a glimpse into his journey:

2009: Lokesh began his insurance career with the largest global insurance processor at the time.

10 Years Later: Leveraging his Masters Degree, Lokesh transitioned into a management role. He led a team of over 100 insurance processing agents for a Virginia-based company, overseeing operations across the United States.

2022: Lokesh joined Reno Agency initially on a part-time basis. Within just two years, he expanded into a full-time role and now manages his own back-office insurance processing company. His team serves agencies nationwide, including ours.

Lokesh is committed to maintaining the highest standards of security and privacy, ensuring the confidentiality of all Reno Agency employees.

Customer Reviews

Great people and fair rates and easy to pay.

Roger C

They always answer our questions and usually the same day if not within an hour

Karon D

I am grateful that we found them and they are a great company to go through!!

a g

...I will be recommending them to everyone.

Justin S

I highly recommend this agency.

Charleen D