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Mike Salisbury


When you hire Mike to protect what’s important to you, whether it’s your business that provides solutions for your customer and a lifestyle for your employees, or the home that protects those sweet little ones you brought into this world, Mike has the experience you need.  

At my age, with my experience in life, as a business owner, as a father, a husband, I can relate to my clients who are making important transitions in their lives.  My specialty is helping clients through those transitions – often, I’ve done them myself.  I work alongside my clients in whatever capacity they need to remove stress, decrease unpredictability, and lessen the risks that come along with growing businesses and growing families.

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Customer Reviews

Great people and fair rates and easy to pay.

Roger C

They always answer our questions and usually the same day if not within an hour

Karon D

I am grateful that we found them and they are a great company to go through!!

a g

...I will be recommending them to everyone.

Justin S

I highly recommend this agency.

Charleen D